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Shweshwe Food Covers - Set of 6

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The ultimate solution to 'go green' in your home. Six food covers of various sizes, as well as our very popular rectangular cover.

Our handmade covers are locally manufactured from 100% locally produced, high-quality cotton Shweshwe fabric. The 100% cotton fabric allows for air and steam to escape.

Shweshwe is considered the traditional South African fabric.  It was introduced to South Africa in the 19th century by German immigrants and today forms an integral part of South African culture, particularly for women of the Xhosa ethnic group.  

These covers are a great alternative to film wrap and can be used to keep food fresh and keep bugs and flies away. They're pretty enough to be used at any dinner table or at an outdoor barbeque or picnic. 

  • Sold as a pack of 6 (and also individually to add some more of your favorite sizes to your collection).
  • Minimum of four Shweshwe prints per pack.
  • Print on covers may vary
  • All fabrics have been pre-shrunk and are machine washable. Bright colors may run, so wash separately.
  • Covers are hand-stitched and finished with elastic on the edges to ensure a snug fit around various container sizes.
  • Choose from our selection of vibrant colors


  • Pickle (XS): The baby of the food covers, can fit bowl size up to 4".
  • Dip (S): Small but versatile. Can fit bowl size up to 6".
  • Snack (M): Perfect for in-between sizes. Can fit bowl size up to 8".
  • Salad (L): Can fit bowl size up to 11".
  • Rectangular: Can fit bowl size up to 16" x 10".
  • Party (XL): A fabulous fit for larger salad bowls and platters. Can fit bowl size up to 16".