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Nose to Tail Range Food Covers - Set of 3

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Join us in the nose to tail food revolution. These vintage look cover sets have been created to promote the philosophy of eating meat in an ethical and sustainable way. Illustrations depict beautifully drawn butcher diagrams of beef, lamb and chicken, handprinted with care and hand-sewn to last. Made from 100% GMO free cotton.

The fabric allows for air and steam to escape. All fabrics have been pre-shrunk and are machine washable. Gentle wash in cold water. Do not iron. Covers are hand stitched and finished with elastic on the edges to ensure a snug fit around various container sizes.

The set of three (3) includes:

Dip (S): Small but versatile. Can fit bowl size up to 6"

Snack (M): Perfect for in-between sizes. Can fit bowl size up to 8"

Salad (L): Can fit bowl size up to 11"